Haitian Government condemns violent acts during street protests

Anti-government protesters in Haiti.

Haiti’s Justice Ministry has condemned the violence perpetrated during anti-government protests even as opposition political parties maintained their call for people to take to the streets.

The opposition and protestors are trying to force the immediate resignation of President Jovenel Moise, whom they have accused of being corrupt.

The Minister of Public Health, Marie Greta Roy Clément, also condemned the attack on an ambulance of the National Ambulance Center (CAN), saying it was on its way to an accident scene when unidentified people threw stones at the vehicle.

The Ministry of Public Health said that ambulances are used to provide emergency pre-hospital care and transport for the sick, wounded, pregnant women, and anyone else, to the hospital or health centre.

The Ministry is promising that the perpetrators of the violence, vandalism, looting and other crimes will be brought to justice.

President has resisted calls for him to resign.

The spokesman for the opposition parties, André Michel, has called on demonstrators to set up barricades and remain on the streets until Moise, who came to office in 2017, leaves office.

“From north to south, from east to west, barricade, demonstrate, occupy the macadam until the installation of the transitional government,” he added.
The demonstrators have attacked and vandalized several government buildings and have also set fire to a police station forcing the occupants to flee the building.