Haitian priest kidnapped: Bishop calls for his release

The Bishop of Anse-à-Veau, Monsignor Pierre André Dumas, has called on Christians in Haiti to pray for the release of Father René Irilan, who was kidnapped by an unidentified group on January 30.

Police have issued no statement on the kidnapping, but Monsignor Wildor Pierre, one of the episcopal vicars, who spoke to the kidnappers by telephone, said the kidnappers have demanded an undisclosed ransom.

He is quoted as saying that he tried to get the kidnappers to release the priest, pointing out that Father Irilan was helping the poorest children in Haiti.

But he said the kidnappers refused and then cut off the communication.

Media reports said that Father Irilan of the diocese of Anse-à-Veau, a coastal city in of the Nippes department of Haiti located, west of the capital, was kidnapped on the evening of January 30 in Delmas 75, a commune on the outskirts of the capital.