Haitian woes worsen as COVID-19 cases soar

Overpopulated, underprepared with many poor and unable to observe social distancing, Haiti is sitting on a ticking time bomb. (Photo: Sun Sentinel)

More than 500 cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the last 48 hours continue to fuel fears of worse to come as Haitian infections spike further.

According to data from the Ministry of Public Health, some 2,124 persons have tested positive in the French-Caribbean country, as of Monday—effectively doubling its confirmed cases six days prior.

Around 5,244 tests have been conducted by Haitian health authorities, 3,120 of which have returned negative.

Since first detecting a COVID-19 case on March 19, 44 patients have died from the respiratory illness.

The Ministry of Public Health said that Haiti had recorded 281 and 259 cases of the virus over the past 48 hours with men accounting for the most cases.

The agency further noted 59.8 per cent of the cases were men and that the number of active cases is now 2,056 while the number of suspected cases has been raised 5,244.

The authorities said that the 364 people have been hospitalised as a result of the virus, while 1,395 are in quarantine at home.

Haiti has the most number of cases in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) region, followed by Jamaica with 586 cases with nine deaths.

President Jovenel Moise declared a state of emergency in Haiti on March 20.