Haiti’s Interim President to Step down ending ‘Power Struggle’

Claude Joseph

Haiti’s interim President Claude Joseph has announced his resignation two weeks after the assassination of Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moise. In an interview with the Washington Post, he stated that he will hand over power to Ariel Henry.

Henry was appointed Prime Minister by President Moise before his death.  Joseph was acting prime minister since April 2021 and was supposed to be replaced the week of the assassination. However, Henry, the newly appointed Prime Minister, was yet to be sworn in.  

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Both declared themselves to be legitimate prime ministers, adding to the nation’s instability. Since President Moise’s assassination, Joseph has nominally served as interim prime minister and president of Haiti.

Both men agreed to hand over the position to Henry in order to de-escalate the dispute and end the political power struggle for Haiti’s government. A statement made by Haiti’s Foreign Ministry Senior Official Israel Jacky Cantave said the ceremony for this may come as soon as Tuesday.

 This comes after, the ‘Core Group’ of international ambassadors and representatives urged “the formation of a consensual and inclusive government” under the leadership of Ariel Henry.