Half-naked teen breaks into prison to beg ex-lover to take him back

A lovesick teen, who was half-naked, scaled a 13-foot high prison wall and climbed up to his ex-girlfriend’s barred window before he was arrested in Germany.

He refused to come down and members of the fire brigade had to use a ladder to rescue him. According to media reports the ex-girlfriend, also 18, had broken up with him shortly before he pulled his stunt.

He could face prosecution for trespass.

A spokesperson for the youth prison in Vechta in Lower Saxony said the spurned young man was desperate to persuade his ex to change her mind.

He took advantage of a street lamp to get over the wall – so now the authorities have wrapped the lamppost in barbed wire.

It is not clear why the young man did not book a prison visit instead of going on his climbing adventure last week.