Hanna slams media report, says she’s in full support of Golding

Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna

Member of Parliament for South East St. Ann  Lisa Hanna on Sunday (June 27) hit back at a media report which seemed to suggest that she was at odds with People’s National Party (PNP) leader Mark Golding.

In a tweet, Hanna in no uncertain terms made it clear that she was in full support of the comrade leader.

“I fully support @MarkJGolding  on this journey as evidenced by several meetings we’ve had together, yesterday was another step of greater things to come,” tweeted Hanna on Sunday.

Hanna also pointed out that the article, through its own admission noted that she was never contacted regarding the mysterious tweet at the source of the controversy, adding that yet “an entire headline was contrived”.

Hanna in a curious tweet on June 25 wrote, “ They contrive & promote the false narrative that you’re not smart or nice enough. That you should apologize for taking tough decisions, or they will brand you aggressive, defiant & yes – undermining. What is it for this time? The seat? Here we go again, extracting a pound of flesh”.

It is unclear to what or whom Hanna was referring to, however the tweet has raised some eyebrows among those in political circles.

Since taking the reins from former leader Dr Peter Phillips in November 2020, Golding has struggled to unify the 83 year-old political organization.

Most recently, it had appeared as though Golding was making headway as many high ranking comrades were seen at at an annual retreat in high spirits having a good time together.

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Posted by Deigo Dan Neysmith on Sunday, June 27, 2021