Hanover Municipal Corporation donates to recovery efforts in The Bahamas

Damage left by Hurricane Dorian in Sections of The Bahamas.

The Hanover Municipal Corporation has donated US$5000 ($600,000) to the disaster relief efforts in The Bahamas.

The resolution to contribute the funds was unanimously supported by all councillors present at the regular monthly meeting of the Corporation on Thursday (Sept 12). The contribution was made in response to an appeal made to the Caribbean Association of Local Government Authorities (CALGA).

“We are on a Whatsapp group and we have been having some discussions as it relates to how we the Municipal Corporations can assist the people of the Bahamas in getting back to a state in which they can live at the level they were before. The president of ALGA (Association of Local Authorities of Jamaica) in discussion with the Minister, come up with a way how we can assist these persons,” Mayor of Lucea Sheridan Samuels told the meeting.

Mayor of Lucea Sheridan Samuels.

Deputy Mayor Andria Dehaney-Dinham and councilor Marvel Sewell, in supporting the cause, told the Mayor that Jamaica could find itself in the same position as The Bahamas and so Hanover should reach out and help.

“Mr Chair, I have absolutely no problem in us contributing because all of us are within that zone and all of us may one day want somebody to support us,” Dehaney-Dinham said.

Story written by Claudia Gardner