Happy ending for man who lost US$1M lottery ticket

Imagine buying a winning US$1 million lottery ticket and then losing it?

Our hands are shaking at the thought, but that’s just what happened to a Tennessee man recently.

Nick Slatten learned that he matched all the numbers on a ticket worth US$1,178,746 ticket on March 11, but ended up dropping it the same day.

Slatten, who had excitedly told his fiancée about his good fortune, went about his daily routine after discovering his good fortune but it was not to last long.

An hour later, joy turned to panic when he realised he didn’t have the ticket. He began to retrace his steps in hopes of finding the life-changing piece of paper, and luck would have it, he did.

It was lying in the parking lot of an auto parts store where he had gone earlier.

It’s a good thing he found it too as unsigned winning tickets can be claimed by anyone, the state lottery said.

Slatten plans to continue working and buy the his dream home with his fiancée.