Harvest excess rainfall with micro dams for use in dry months, says senator

Jamaican Senator Lambert Brown is encouraging the government to explore the option of harvesting flood waters.

The Mona Reservoir in St Andrew, Jamaica.

Brown said excess water from the rains, while seen as a nuisance at the moment, can be harvested for some future good, primarily in the times when the island is experiencing drought.

“With all this excess water rushing down Hope River and wherever else, is there a way for us to harness it into micro dams; so that when the dry months come, the showers which we would have had – will reap some good from it,” said Brown during a sitting of the Senate on Friday.

Brown further encouraged the government to engage the country’s major universities as it considers how to move forward on the issue.

“I therefore urge consultation with the universities and engineering departments to see how we can save some of this water that has been so disastrous to our country and turn it into good,” added Brown.

Jamaica has been impacted by a series of tropical storms which have each dumped in excess of three inches of water on the island.