Have no fear: Dominica assures revellers that tuberculosis is under control

Health authorities have sought to allay fears that there could be a further increase in tuberculosis (TB) cases in Dominica during the carnival celebrations that end on Tuesday after Health Minister Dr Irvine McIntyre confirmed that there had been a spike in cases so far this year.

Chief Medical Officer Dr David Johnson said that carnival activities this weekend pose no threat to revellers, and the disease is not new to the island.

“We don’t think it (TB) is going to pose any threat.”

— Chief Medical Officer Dr David Johnson

“And the way TB is transmitted, we don’t think it is going to pose any threat. It is transmitted through cough, through sneezing, (and) we have been aggressively following up the cases we have identified and bring them in for treatment.

“There is no evidence that we have over the years showed that after these events, in terms of mass gatherings…that we get a number of persons coming down with tuberculosis,” he said.

McIntrye said that 12 cases of the disease had been recorded so far this year with six other suspected cases.

Last year, the island recorded eight confirmed cases and two suspected one.