He said what? Florida politician under fire for calling opponent a ‘b***y boy’

A Florida State representative is now having to deal with the consequences of calling an opponent in a political race a “b***y boy”.

Politician Al Jacquet is being bashed for using anti-gay slur to refer to opponent. (Photo: palmbeachpost.com)

The term, which is a derogatory slang used to refer to homosexuals, was part of a video response that Democrat Al Jacquet aimed at fellow competitor Omari Hardy.

Jacquet was responding to a story in the Florida Post which questioned where he has been in recent times, having no fixed home address and a working office. Hardy, a City Commissioner for Lake Worth Beach, commented on the story where he questioned Jacquet’s integrity.

It seems that Jacquet didn’t take this too well, and the Netherlands Antilles native lashed out at Hardy, who was set to run against him to represent a district covering parts of Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

Since the incident, Jacquet has been getting a lot of flak for his comment.

He has since apologised, but that didn’t go well either as some thought it was weak and unacceptable.

Jacquet has since stepped down as a ranking member of the House Rules Committee.