Health Minister says manufacturers should contribute to good of society

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, says manufacturers should measure the success of their businesses by the level of contribution to the good of society.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton (left), and Chairman of the LASCO Group of Companies, Lascelles Chin, test samples of LASCO Manufacturing Limited’s 50 per cent less sugar iCool drinks. Occasion was a press conference held yesterday (September 12), at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel in St. Andrew to announce the development.

Addressing a press conference on September 12, at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel in St. Andrew, to announce LASCO Manufacturing Limited’s reduction of 50 per cent of sugar in a number of its iCool products, the Minister said just as the volume of sales and increase in profits are crucial for the entities to be sustained, the health of the population is necessary to support them.

“Sustainability is not going to happen if there are not consumers around who are productive, who are healthy, and can afford the goods and services that a company has to offer,” Dr.  Tufton told the gathering.

 The Minister said he is pleased with the move by LASCO, which is a company that is steeped in innovation, and is “responsive to the demands and sensitivities of its marketplace, and prides itself in offering value”.

Dr. Tufton further added that commendations must be given to the management of the company, as consumer information and protection are “fundamental” in the wellness policy of his Ministry, and LASCO has demonstrated an awareness that is “important for us to co-exist”. 

Meanwhile, Chairman of the company, Lascelles Chin, said LASCO has invested “considerable resources” in research and development, aimed at making products to offer options, and with reduced sugar content. “We are committed to this strategy, which began just over two years ago,” he said.

Mr. Chin said the new range of iCool drinks conforms with the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ guidelines for sugar levels in products that can be sold in schools, and that the “achievement” is the result of a combination of improvements and “the balanced use of natural and other approved ingredients”.