Health officials in Trinidad and Tobago on a robust influenza vaccine drive

Health authorities in Trinidad and Tobago have renewed calls for people to be vaccinated against the flu, as they reported that 40 people have died so far during the 2020 flu season.

The Ministry of Health said that it is continuing with its “robust nation-wide influenza vaccine drive,” and that as of Friday last week, the cumulative number of vaccines administered to the public stood at 93,119.

But it said the number of suspected influenza cases for the 2020 calendar year had reached 224 and that the number of suspected cases in 2019 was 3,854.

The Ministry said that to date 40 people had died as a result of the flu and warned “that the influenza virus is generally more severe than the common cold.”

It said the vaccine is free to all persons, including children, pregnant women and adults over 65.

“Persons in the healthcare workforce and essential services are also encouraged to get the flu vaccine,” the Ministry said.