Heat kills two people in Washington

Two people overheated and died in Washington US during the historic heatwave that has been tormenting the state over the last few days.

A 65-year-old woman from Seattle, and a 68-year-old woman Enumclaw both died from hyperthermia on Monday according to the Seattle Times.

Temperatures in Seattle hit over 108 degrees on Monday (June 28). This is coming from an average high temperature in June of around 70 degrees. And according to the outlet, at least 10 percent of all emergency visits in King County were heat related.

“The patients continued to stream in throughout the night. Many had to be put on ventilators; some were suffering from kidney or heart problems. Hess saw one patient who suffered third-degree burns on the soles of his feet from walking barefoot on hot asphalt,” Dr. Jeremy Hess told the outlet.