“Height of cynicism and cruelty” — Rights Bahamas condemns deportation of Haitians from the Bahamas post-Dorian

The human rights group, Rights Bahamas, has criticised the decision of the Hubert Minnis government to deport undocumented migrants who survived the passage of Hurricane Dorian on September 1 and are now living in shelters.

Haitians recovering their belongings from their destroyed homes in Abaco, Bahamas, in September.
Haitians recovering their belongings following the devastation of the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian (Photo: New York Times)

“Rights Bahamas has alerted international human rights groups to the government’s savage, cold-hearted and illegal plan to expel migrants affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Haitian citizens being deported from the Bahamas post Hurricane Dorian (Photo: Facebook — Human Rights Bahamas)

“We condemn this sudden about-face from the government’s earlier declaration that it will not target migrant the victims of the storm, and denounce the scheme for what is clearly is – a shameful attempt at political posturing aimed at currying favour with xenophobic elements of the populace,” the group said in a statement.

Immigration Minister, Elsworth Johnson, earlier this week said the shelters would not be used “to circumvent the law.