Here are the next steps in the Trump impeachment process

BUZZ fam, Donald Trump has been impeached, but this does not necessarily mean that he’ll leave office.

The United States House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump on Wednesday, on charges of abuse of power, and obstruction of congress.

So what’s the next step in this situation with Donald Trump?

House impeachment managers

Well, he is expected to go to trial in the senate in early January, but first House speaker, Nancy Pelsosi will have to pick House Impeachment managers. These persons will act as prosecutors and present the case against Trump. After these persons are selected, the article for impeachment will be formally delivered to the senate which must act immediately on them.

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Prepare for senate impeachment trial

After the articles of impeachment have been received by the senate, it will then notify the House managers when they can read them to the Senate. After this is done, they will leave until the Senate invites them back for the trial.

Hold the trial

The US Constitution does not offer clear guidelines about how an impeachment trial should be conducted. However, the senators will act as jurors, House members as prosecutors, and the chief justice of the Supreme Court presides.

Everything else is up to the senate. A simple majority of the Senate must agree on whether to call witnesses, what kind of evidence to admit, and how long to make the trial. But if there’s a tie on questions regarding evidence and witnesses, the Chief Justice would cast the tie-breaking vote.

Vote for or against convicting the president

After the trial ends, the Senate will conduct a public vote on whether to convict the president and remove him from office. But for this to happen, two-thirds of senators’ support is required.

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And given the Republican majority in the Senate, it is highly likely that Trump will be acquitted and will remain in office.