‘Hero’ Damion Crawford bashed for hugging people with mask under chin

Politician Damion Crawford

Not all heroes wear capes, and apparently, some don’t wear masks either.

After being seen in a recent video hugging people with his mask under his chin, People’s National Party member, Damion Crawford, has come under fire. His response to the backlash is to say that he is a ‘hero’.

“Risking my life to save my country bro.. I feel like a hero.”

— Crawford

It all started on Monday when he responded to talk show host Emily Shields, who said that Jamaica’s greatest challenge in the COVID-19 fight is disobedience.

Crawford replied to her tweet, saying: “Why blame the ppl for govt incompetence. They were lucky earlier now their luck ran out.. the 5000 unregistered entrants was luck. The food days fiasco .. luck, 10,000 backlog.. luck, the unplanned reopening luck, Alorica passed the health audit… luck ran out.”

A social media user responded to Crawford, saying: “You were out and about last week mingling and hugging people in various communities. What was that?”

Crawford’s response: “Risking my life to save my country bro.. i feel like a hero.”

Just… wow.

His comments really did not go down well with people on social media.

“Careful bredda, heroes always dead inna the movie. Wear your mask,” one user said.

“The problem is that you were not only risking YOUR life but the lives of all who you were trying to save. That’s how this COVID works. And you may not be affected but others might,” another added.

“That’s #reckless and #selfish behavior. Where is the example for the masses to follow?,” one user said.