Hi-Lo warns Jamaicans of latest supermarket phishing scam

Cybercriminals, using a new phishing scam, are trying to take advantage of the push to have more people conduct business online in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Phishing is a type of cyber-attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers.

The latest phishing scam encourages Hi-Lo customers to click on a link in order to win coupon giveaways worth up to $5,000 JMD.

The supermarket chain on Tuesday (April 21) said that Hi-Lo is not responsible for the promotion.

“We are aware of a post/link circulating about coupon giveaways worth JMD$5,000, we wish to advise the public that this is FAKE,” read a message from Hi-Lo on its official Instagram page.

The supermarket chain further encouraged customers to follow its stores on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be updated on any official promotional offers.

How phishing scams work

Phishing scams are usually spread through messaging services, apps and bait people into clicking on a link, which takes them to a fake website.

By simply clicking the bait, depending on the type of phishing scam, personal information stored on the computer or device can be transferred to the fraudsters.

In some instances, hackers are able, through the use of a technique called ‘keystroke spy’, record every keystroke made on a computer, even after resolving the initial phishing attack.

There has been a spike in phishing attacks globally since the start of March, as the COVID-19 outbreak has forced more people to conduct business online.