HIGH SCHOOL HIGH: Trini schools being flooded with ganja

High schools in Trinidad and Tobago are reportedly being flooded with ganja which has prompted a call for the police to come in.

The influx, it seems, is caused by the easy access to the drugs arising from the decriminalization of certain quantities of cannabis and cannabis resin.

According to a report in the Trinidad Express, the Association of Principals of Public Secondary Schools and the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) have expressed grave concerns with the development.

The Education Ministry will now be stepping in and working with school supervisors and principals to revisit the guidelines on the National Schools Code of Conduct specifically the section regarding Substance Abuse.

With the Carnival season approaching in Trinidad, the call is being made by the education ministry for parents to exercise vigilance in monitoring their children and safeguarding them from having access to any banned substance.