Mello TV/Bill Johnson Poll: Holness ‘miles ahead’ of Phillips in favourability, approval ratings

Pollster Bill Johnson, conducting a feel for the political landscape in June 2020, recently presented his findings to Mello TV on the approval and favourability of Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader Andrew Holness and People’s National Party (PNP) leader Dr Peter Phillips. (Photo: YouTube)

New data has emerged from respected pollster Bill Johnson, which places Prime Minister Andrew Holness well ahead of Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips in both their approval and favourability ratings.

Johnson’s June 2020 poll, conducted for Mello TV, noted that 76 per cent of Jamaicans had a favourable opinion on Prime Minister Holness, while 34 per cent felt similarly when asked about Dr Peter Phillips.

Some 40 per cent of responders held an unfavourable view of Dr Peter Phillips and 26 per cent were not sure, compared to Holness’ 14 per cent and 10 per cent respectively.

Johnson said that Holness currently enjoys the largest share in leadership favourability ever seen since Portia Simpson Miller in 2006.

Interestingly, Johnson further remarked that within the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP), supporters have had a near equal opinion on both leader Peter Phillips and Andrew Holness—a sign that emphasises the turmoil within the organisation.

“Statistically, the number of PNP voters rating both of them are, in effect, equal. This does not bode well for the Opposition Leader,” he explained, adding that 59 per cent of PNP supporters rated Andrew Holness favourably, while 63 per cent gave the nod to party leader Dr Phillips.

Jamaican perception of Andrew Holness continued an upward trend as the poll found that the prime minister registered an approval rating of 81-percent, his Opposition counterpart Dr. Phillips has an approval rating of 32-percent.

Concerningly, some 41 per cent of responders expressed a disapproval of the Opposition Leader’s performance to date, while 12 per cent of those disapproved of Holness’ performance, when asked.

The poll highlights many major issues with public perception of Dr Phillips’ leadership as his disapproval rating is nine percentage points higher than his approval rating.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ approval rating far exceeds his disapproval rating, by some 69 percentage points.