Holness promises support for entertainment sector as pandemic drags on

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has promised support for players in the entertainment sector, as COVID-19 restrictions continue to impact the industry.

He made the promise while speaking during the Jamaica Labour Party annual conference on Sunday (November 28).

In admitting that containment measures had been wreaking havoc on the sector, Holness said he along with finance minister, Nigel Clarke, were in talks about how this assistance would be provided.

“We will do something for the entertainment sector generally, we have contemplated how to and how we can, very quickly after the pandemic resuscitate and support the sector,” Holness said.

“The sector is responsible for brand Jamaica and for keeping the Jamaican flag flying all around the world;an incalculable benefit that we get. So we can’t be mean spirited to the entertainment sector,” he added.

The entertainment sector has been closed for the better part of a year, despite briefly reopening in summer 2020.