Holness threatens to take legal action against people who spread fake news

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness

With the election season drawing closer, Prime Minister, Andrew Holness is warning that the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) will take legal action against individuals who spread “fake news” that libel and slander party officials.

“We have started to invest in the capacity in our party to detect and expose all the fake news that is being created and shared on social media,” he said.

“We know where they are coming from, and we know who are the people doing it, and as they put them up, we respond. Where they cross the lines to be slanderous or libellous we will take legal action,” the JLP leader warned.

Prime Minister Holness was speaking at an Area Two Council Meeting in Portmore, St Catherine on Sunday.

He also cautioned members of his party to refrain from indulging in such practices.

“We don’t need to spread fake news; we don’t need to trick voters to vote for us. We don’t need to be the purveyors of bad news and fake news. In just four years we have so much good news. When they go low, we will go high,” he said.