Holness wants his shot: PM planning to take COVID-19 vaccine

While many people have expressed reservations about taking the COVID-19 vaccine, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has declared that he will be taking the shot.


“I am making the decision to take the vaccine, and I am encouraging everyone else,” he said in Parliament this week.

Holness also urged other representatives to implore Jamaicans to get on board as the country tries to stop the spread of the virus.

“It would help if the opinion leaders in this House would indicate to their constituents that they should take a more embracive and supporting posture towards vaccination,” Holness said.

It is understood that in the initial phase of the vaccination programme, the jab will be given to healthcare workers, as well as members of the vulnerable population like the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has also indicated that approximately 500,000 Jamaicans will get the two-dose vaccine when it becomes available on the island.