Holness: ‘We cannot continue to tolerate violence against women’

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness is urging Jamaicans not to tolerate violence against women.

The Prime Minister was speaking in the context of the number of domestic disputes that have ended in the tragic deaths of women in Jamaica recently.

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness

“We have had for too long a permissive society that allows a man to trespass upon the person of a woman without any form of rebuke; without the society saying it is wrong, and sometimes even with acceptance,” he said.

He said the government is preparing to table a Domestic Violence Bill to help tackle the problem. 

Holness chastised the masculinity in the Jamaican society as an exercise of strength and power over women.

“So in any form of conflict the man will have to prove his strength over the woman by trying to physically dominate her,” Holness said.

“This is not something we can tolerate. This is something we must change in this society,” he declared.