‘Holy goat’ guards Mississippi church

Local folks call him the “holy goat.” For reasons known only to himself, the big billy goat likes to hang out in front of Rose Bower Missionary Baptist Church on Highway 24 west of McComb.

Billy goat stands on front steps of Rose Bower M.B. Church on July 7, 2020, in McComb, Miss. (Ernest Herndon/The Enterprise-Journal via AP)

Rose Bower associate minister Larry Thomas said the church hasn’t been meeting during the pandemic, so members haven’t had to deal with the situation yet.

“It’s not really bothering us,” Thomas said. “I guess when people come he leaves anyway.”

He predicted the goat will find somewhere else to hang out when the congregation resumes meeting.

The goat’s theoretical owner, Gary Butler, who lives near the church said “That goat just came up there and I caught him and tied him,” noting it has been around a couple of months.

But the goat got loose and has become something of a community fixture.

People who drive that route or live in the area have gotten used to him.

Anita Campbell just likes looking at him. “Isn’t he hilarious? Looks like a regal king or something,” she said. “All of us in this neighborhood are possessed by the ‘holy goat!’ ”

Campbell’s son Greyson added, “Goat might be a Baaaptist!”

–Associated Press