Homeschooling grades will not be counted on students final report-Ministry of Education

(Photo: National Georgraphic)

All the graded pieces of assignment that you may have assisted your child with while homeschooling them will not be counted among your child’s final grade. The Ministry of Education disclosed today that teachers are to only use grades up to March 13 on students’ report.

The Ministry in a statement said that the instruction and assessment engagements during the emergency remote teaching were negatively impacted by issues of quality, equity and equality and as a result, those scores should not be used as final grades on the students report cards.

The Jamaican government had closed all school on March 12 after the country confirmed its first case of the coronavirus. At the time, Prime Minister, Andrew Holness had indicated that students would still receive instruction at home. Those without internet connectivity he said, would have material distributed so that could continue their education at home.