Hospitals instructed to conserve oxygen as Jamaica awaits increased supply

The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) on Sunday (August 29) said that they were aware that many health facilities were running low on oxygen.

According to the MOHW, these facilities have been advised to conserve their supply as efforts are underway to source more oxygen.

“Up to this morning, all hospitals were low in supply and some were out and had to be supplemented,” read a release from the ministry.

“All hospitals –through the regional technical directors at the regional health authorities (RHAs) and senior medical officers – have, in the interim, been instructed on oxygen conservation while the island awaits the restoration of supplies,” added the ministry in the release.

The ministry said of concern at this time, were critically ill COVID-19 patients as well as non-COVID-19 patients in need of high amounts of oxygen.

As such the ministry notes that surgeries will not be performed at this time.

The ministry further said that the island’s only supplier of oxygen, IGL Limited, is expected to have increased supplies come Monday (August 30).

According to the latest data from the ministry of health, there are 67 critically ill COVID-19 patients in hospitals island-wide.