‘How many Jamaicans earn $300k a month?’ Dickie Crawford says no to pay increase for MPs

Richard ‘Dickie’ Crawford

Commentator Richard ‘Dickie’ Crawford has slammed the idea of an increase in salary for Parliamentarians, calling it ridiculous.

“It is absolutely one of the worst recommendations I’ve ever heard. If politics is not paying them enough money they should go into something else, like banking,” he told BUZZ.

Crawford was responding to claims by a number of MPs, who spoke with the Sunday Observer. The MPs argued that their $300,000 monthly salary was not enough to cover the extensive travelling they do each month, the needs of their family, and providing assistance to members of their constituencies.

“Three hundred thousand a month may not be much in their view, but how much people in Jamaica earn $300,000 a month?” asked Crawford. 

House of Parliament

Crawford believes these politicians are lying in a bed they made for themselves. “They created this type of politics in the first place, by having the people dependent upon them for handouts to vote,” he said. “Our political system is backward beyond belief… What have these politicians done to provide sustainable employment for people, so that they don’t have to beg them?”