How ‘Mr Fix It’ relaxes: Dr Peter Phillips finds time to unwind

Dr Peter Phillips flocked by children from his East Central St Andrew constituency.

Dr. Peter Phillips. ‘Mr Fix It’. The man, who over time held the most ministerial positions and successfully run them. President of the largest political movement in the Caribbean.

His job entails him meeting with a variety of government, non-government, political and non-political groups, as well as individuals across the island. Plus he’s also facing a challenge from fellow Comrade Peter Bunting for the leadership of the People’s National Party.

Sounds like a big job that hardly leaves any free time. However, Phillips still manages to find time to take a load off.

Here are four things Phillips does to unwind:


Stemming from his days when he was a Rastafarian and attending University of the West Indies Phillips always loved listening to a wide range of music to include Reggae, Classical, dancehall, R&B, Blues and Ska.

Dr Phillips and some members of his constituency during Labour Day activities.


Although he has never been a sports minister position, he loves sports. He played cricket at the high school level. During his free time, he brings himself up to speed on the latest records being broken or the latest achievements in all types of sporting discipline.

Telling jokes

A man who finds humour in things that many persons would gloss over, Phillips loves retelling jokes he’s heard or making up some to share with his team.


One way in which the Opposition leader relaxes is taking to the water. Whether it’s the sea or the pool, Phillips loves the water. According to one insider, he seems at peace when he swims.