How much do you know about the historic Woodside community in St Mary?

The Tainos carved out steps from solid rock in the hill. (Photo: Facebook/Educatours)

The community of Woodside was awarded $5 million on Tuesday after winning the Caribbean Cement Build Your Community competition.

Here are some interesting facts about this historic community:

  • The community of Woodside was declared a national heritage site in 2015.
  • It was once home to the Tainos who carved out steps from solid rock from the 18th century in order to access water.
  • Woodside was also the site of a slave plantation where coffee was grown.
  • Its famous site known as Daddy Rock was a spot where slaves used to gather to host their religious ceremonies and plot insurrections.
  • The community is known for its heritage tourism and hosted students from North American Universities, descendants of the Tainos from Puerto Rico among others.
  • It also has an extensive cave network that was used by the Tainos and still has carvings inside its walls.