Huge gator spotted on golf course sends ‘Florida’ trending

Florida began trending on Twitter early Thursday (November 12) after a large alligator was spotted casually strolling across a golf course in Napes.

Photo Credit: Jeff Jones @WINKNews

Local media reported that the gator was spotted a day earlier by someone at the Valencia Golf & Country Club, who captured the reptile walking towards a body of water, in a 15 second-long video.

Many social media users expressed alarm at the sheer size of the reptile, noting that it more resembled what they imagined dinosaurs would be like than a gator.

Others noted that clearly Foridians were “special people”, referring to the man who calmly shot the video in an instance where most people would have panicked and run.

“Florida really is Jurassic park,” said one Twitter user.

Photo Credit: Jeff Jones @WINKNews

“I’m never playing golf in Florida,” added another.

However, there were those who noted that such sightings were the norm in the state known for its subtropical climate.

“That’s just a harmless Florida swamp cat,” said one Twitter user.

Over a million alligators are estimated to live in Florida, with South Florida being home to both alligators and crocodiles.