Hundreds of J’can nurses and doctors still waiting on payment, PS says no definitive date yet

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Dunstan Bryan, addresses virtual COVID Conversation press conference on March 2. (Photo: JIS)

Approximately three hundred nurses and doctors are still waiting to receive monies earned from participating in a vaccination Blitz campaign, held earlier this year in April.

However, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) Dunstan Bryan said he could not give a definitive timeline on when the payments would be made.

While Bryan confirmed that the monies were still outstanding, he said he could not give a timeline for payment as there were several issues disrupting the process.

“Over 7,000 payments have been processed, to date, since the beginning of the Blitz. And we have 300 outstanding payments,” said Bryan.

“Some of them we have paid to the bank and then the bank has returned the monies weeks after, citing discrepancies between the account number and the name and the person who is to receive the funds in their account. Some accounts became dormant and the bank returned the funds. So there are a myriad of different issues that are affecting the payment and we do apologise for that. But we are working to close that gap,” added Bryan.

According to the Nurses Association of Jamaica, the delay in the payment of the stipend is demotivating for the medical professionals who have been on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 and are expected to participate in more vaccination  campaigns.