‘I never loved him’: Turkish footballer confesses to killing sick 5-y-o son

Five-year-old Kasim Toktas (right) was brought to a children’s hospital, with symptoms resembling the novel coronavirus (COVID-19); he left made it. Eleven days after his death, his father Cevher, (left) shows up to a police station to confess the unthinkable. (Photos: The Irish Sun)

There are a few stories you come across that make you sink sorrowfully to the floor, seethe with rage and brim with disgust: the death of five-year-old Kasim Toktas is one such.

Kasim, the child of 32-year-old Turkish footballer Cevher Toktas, was brought to the Dortcelik Children’s Hospital in Bursa on Thursday, April 23 by his father for difficulties breathing and a high fever. Doctors, suspecting a case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), placed both father and son in quarantine – a decision that seemingly cost Kasim his life.

Hours later, Turkish media reported that the elder Toktas informed hospital staff that Kasim was struggling to breathe. The boy was taken to intensive care but died.

Turkish authorities have since launched an investigation in the death of Kasim Toktas after his father confessed to smothering him in a children’s hospital in late April. (Photo: The Irish Sun)

The disease, which has infected more than 141,000 and killed thousands in that country, was believed to be the cause of Kasim’s death so the case was closed and the toddler buried in a makeshift grave.

The story takes a dark turn when 11 days later Toktas turned himself in to local police with a bombshell confession: coronavirus didn’t kill Kasim, he did.

Now, let’s take a breath because the ride gets even wilder.

In the police report, Toktas admits to suffocating his son “with a pillow over the head for fifteen minutes” until he died, before calling a doctor into the room.

Toktas said he had “never loved” his son and murdered him after having a nervous breakdown in the hospital room, but later confessed after feeling remorse.

Cevher Toktas. (Photo: The Irish Sun)

The central defender, who reportedly insisted he doesn’t have any ‘mental issues’, was immediately arrested.  He awaits his trial after being slapped with the charge of ‘murdering a close relative’ and faces a life sentence if found guilty.

Kasim was buried in a makeshift grave shortly after his death but authorities now want his body exhumed in order for an autopsy to take place as part of the ongoing investigation.