‘I never thought I was Jamaican’, says UK-born actor facing deportation

UK actor, Ace Ruele Aristotles, is to be deported to Jamaica despite having only visited the island twice as a child.

The now 33-year-old actor was born in London to his Jamaican mother, who at the time did not have British citizenship .

Following a drug-related conviction, which landed him behind bars in 2008, he was sent to a immigration detention centre.

While at the immigration detention centre,  Aristotles challenged his deportation order and had his status changed to “limited leave to remain”.

Following his successful appeal against deportation, Aristotles went on to lead a promising career as an actor, appearing in several high profile films and TV shows.

Aristotles landed roles in Eastenders, The Legend of Tarzan, New Blood, among a host of  other smaller acting gigs. 

However, the actor recently received a letter from the Home Office, urging him to return to Jamaica, stating that he has no right to be here and threatening him with detention.

“I feel like I am being punished twice for a mistake I made years ago,” He told British  Publication the Independent.

“Despite what I’ve been told, I never ever thought I was Jamaican. I always thought I was British,” he added.

Aristotles further said in an  interview with the Independent that he felt as though he was ,”effectively stateless” and viewed himself as  neither a citizen of the UK or Jamaica.