‘If you hate the candidate still vote’: Pearnel Charles scolds Labourites for tearing down each other

Pearnel Charles Snr and Son Pearnel Charles Jr who is running for a Constituency in Clarendon.

As the country draws closer to a general election, Clarendon North Central Member of Parliament Pearnel Charles Snr is urging fellow Labourites to live in unity and stop tearing down each other.

During an Area Three meeting at the Vere Technical High School on Sunday (Feb 17), Charles took Labourites to task as he told them they had too many bad things to say about each other.

“It cannot happen in heaven, it can’t happen in hell, it cannot happen on my side, it should never happen in Labour Party and say bad things bout one another,” he said. “None a you inside here have suffered more than me, none a you—whether in prison, in hospital, before circuit court or anywhere and I stood up for the Jamaica Labour Party.”

Charles told the gathering that they should vote for the “greater good” even if they don’t like the candidates put forward by the party.

“The bell represents the Prime Minister, the other something represents smady else. Colour out the name if you nuh like them and vote beside the bell,” Charles said to much laughter.