India builds wall for Trump

President of the United States, Donald Trump is due to visit India next week to attend an event called “Namaste Trump”, and the Indian government is building a wall in anticipation of his visit.

The 1,640 foot brick wall is being hastily erected in India’s Gurjarat state, which critics say is being built to block Trump’s view of a slum area where 2,000 people live.

Trump is going to drive along a road next to the slum.

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President of the United States, Donald Trump

News reports said the wall was originally planned to be 6-7 feet high but was reduced to four feet after it received widespread publicity.

“Since they are spending so much money on this wall, why not use that to improve our slum and provide better facilities for us,” said Keshi Saraniya, a resident. “Why are they hiding us poor people?”

But Senior government official Bijal Patel said the wall was built “for security reasons” and not to conceal the slum.

“Apart from security reasons, the wall is also part of a beautification and cleanliness drive,” she said.

“Namaste Trump” which means “Welcome Trump” will be hosted at a cricket stadium along the lines of a “Howdy Modi” rally attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston last September.