iOS 13 Review – Into the darkness

Apple’s latest update to iOS was released last week on September 19. The update brings huge improvements like Dark Mode, Swipe to Type and more. Here are a few thoughts on the new update.

Dark Mode on new Reminders App (Photo: Renor C.)

Dark Mode is Awesome

The much-awaited Dark Mode is here to dim the lights. The feature is available in system apps like Settings, Messages, Photos, Calendar and Safari to name a few. It works well and blackens the screen so you’re not blinded by late-night texts or browsing. The feature can be turned on manually in settings or from the control centre. There’s also an automatic mode that turns things dark at sunset or with a customised schedule.

Third-party apps like WhatsApp will have to update their apps to support the feature.

Swipe to Type

At long last, Apple has finally implemented a feature that’s been available on third-party keyboards for years. The swipe feature enables faster typing by moving from letter to letter without lifting your fingers. This is light-years better than hammering out individual characters with your fingers. Coupled with word suggestions, the experience is great and sending messages is more efficient.

Memoji Stickers

Move over BitMoji, Apple has joined the party with Memoji Stickers. When you enter the Messages App for the first time after the iOS 13 update, you are prompted to create an avatar that can be used as your profile picture in Messages, and an Apple ID picture.

There are tonnes of customization options like skin tone, hairstyle and colour, headwear, even piercings. After creating your avatar, you can then send stickers to express certain emotions rather than plain old words. Memoji stickers work on all devices with iOS 13, not only those with the TrueDepth sensor, so iPhones preceding the iPhone X can enjoy as well. Stickers are not only compatible with iMessage, but they also work in WhatsApp, Signal and other messaging apps.

Photo App curates images by Days, Months and Years. Credit Apple

Updated Photos App

The Photos app received a major overhaul with iOS 13. Gone are the rudimentary customization options that accompanied iDevices for years. Apple has brought new, robust features that enable exposure correction, the ability to manipulate contrast and shadows as well as saturation.

What’s truly impressive is that these customisations can also be done on videos. Videos can be flipped, rotated, and trimmed in a non-destructive way. Meaning you can go back and reverse the edits without losing the original information.

Photos and videos are now arranged by years, months or days with a toggle to switch between modes. Videos also autoplay in the gallery.

Controller Support in iOS 13

Controller Support

Get your game on with new controller support in iOS 13. iDevices running the latest update will be able to use PS4 and Xbox One wireless controllers to play games on their devices via Bluetooth. Games like Asphalt 9 and Fortnite play better with more precise controls rather than the screen.


Along with all the great new features, iOS 13 also has a lot of bugs. The text field vanishes in some apps, UI elements overlap, there are signal issues and random app crashes. Those issues should be fixed with version 13.1 arriving later this month.We’ll provide more info on the patch soon.

Let us know in the comments your favourite features from the iOS 13 update!

— Written by Renor C.