Iowa Caucus results delay causes confusion in Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders is hoping to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency.

Results of the Iowa Caucus for the Democratic Party in The United States of America is being delayed as a result of inconsistencies in the reporting of data, as some of the candidates head to New Hampshire on Tuesday.

There was confusion among presidential campaigns as a result of the delay. The race is to determine which candidate from the party will run against Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. Bernie Sanders is among the top candidates.

Monday night, despite the results not being known, multiple candidates addressed their supporters, claiming they expect a strong finish in the state, whenever the results are announced.

Troy Price, chairperson of the Iowa Democratic Party, said early Tuesday morning that the party had manually tallied the data, but the delay was because of problems reporting delegate totals from the more than 1,600 precincts. While insisting that the system was not hacked, Troy said, “This is taking longer than expected. The system is in place to make sure we can report results with full confidence.”

Price said that the system the party put in place for 2020, which requires written records for each precinct’s results, was implemented for a breakdown like this.

He said, “We have backups in place for this reason. We are updating campaigns and will continue to provide updates as they are available.”