Iran airliner overshoots runway, skids into city road

A Caspian Airliner came to a grinding halt after overshooting the runway in Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran on Monday. Miraculously, no injuries have been reported. (Photo: Hindustan Times)

The Iranian Aviation Authority is investigating an incident in Bandar-e Mahshahr, where a passenger plane overshot a runway as it landed on Monday afternoon, (January 27) tumbling onto an adjacent highway.

The passenger plane, belonging to Iran’s Caspian Airlines was flying from the capital Tehran with 140 people and crew on board.

No one from the flight or along the highway were injured, Iranian state television reported.

It is understood that after arriving at Mahshahr airport, the pilot landed the aircraft too late, which resulted in him missing the runway entirely.

The McDonnell Douglas jet left its wheels behind at the runway before grinding to a halt on the nearby highway.

To the pilot’s credit, he successfully brought the runaway plane under control, bringing the vessel to a stop near the middle of the highway.