Is Amazon stepping into the realm of cloud gaming?

We know Amazon is into a lot of things which is probably why it was recently valued at over a trillion dollars.

Well, it seems they want more and that could come as a result of them moving into the cloud gaming sphere. Reports are that Amazon may in 2020 debut a cloud gaming system that will take on the traditional game market while also providing other entities like Google with competition.

While Amazon has not released a statement to this effect, we know they have the infrastructure to do so as their cloud services powers some of the major games already out there to include Fortnite.

Amazon also owns popular video game streaming service Twitch which is basically another major add on if they are really serious about taking a step into this field, which we expect may be the new frontier of video gaming.

There are others making the step into this area with Google debuting their service Stadia just a few days ago. The console Kings are also in the frame with Nintendo and Sony working on the development of their own services.
What do you think Buzz fam, are you ready for the era of cloud gaming?