Israel’s Prime Minister corruption trial to begin in March

Israeli’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: The Times of Israel)

Israeli’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu corruption trial will begin just two weeks after national elections are held in the country.

Netanyahu is charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust under a number of cases in which he is alleged to have accepted lavish gifts from billionaire friends and exchanged regulatory favours for more positive media coverage.

His trial will commence on March 17, while the parliamentary elections will take place on March 2.

Meanwhile, his main challenger, former military chief Benny Gantz, is declaring Netanyahu to be unfit to run the country while facing a corruption trial.

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former military chief Benny Gantz (Photo: The Times of Israel)

And in addressing Netanyahu close ties with US republican president, Donald Trump, Gantz said that he would work to mend ties with America’s Democratic Party if he wins the elections next month.