It wasn’t me! Ex-pope Benedict denies writing book that criticized Pope Francis stance on celibacy

Retired pope Benedict

Well BUZZ Fam, this is getting interesting. So yesterday it was reported that Ex-pope Benedict rubbished a proposal to have older respected married men be ordained as priests.

The proposal was awaiting Pope Francis’s approval and sought to address the shortage of priests in the Amazon region.

But in a book which he reportedly co-authored, From the Depths of Our Hearts, ex-pope Benedict defended the centuries’ old tradition, and insists that that the ability to “put oneself completely at the disposition of the Lord” is a criteria for those wishing to be ordained as priests.

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Fast forward to today, and the 92 year-old retired priest is saying he did not co-author any such book!

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In fact, he is demanding that his name be removed from the book.

Sources close to Benedict say he shared notes with the author but did not see the finished book or approve its publication.

In the coming weeks, Pope Francis will decide on whether to relax the celibacy rules in remote locations, such as the Amazon, where there is a shortage of clergymen. 

Allowing married men to become priests is not the same thing as allowing priests to marry, so the change would not affect the rule of celibacy for Catholic priests, who are not allowed to marry.