Italy orders massive quarantine measures amid coronavirus outbreak

The Coronavirus has placed Italy on the ropes and the country is now seeking to put measures in place to counter it.

The countermeasure being implemented is a wide-sweeping decree that is set to quarantine northern Italy, as authorities struggle to contain the virus that has killed 233 persons in that country.

Persons in these regions will only be allowed to move about for essential work or health reasons. According to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, “there will be an obligation to avoid any movement of people who are either entering or leaving the affected areas’.

Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte

The areas include the Lombardy region and 14 other provinces; other sections of the country will see less stringent measures being implemented to help in containing the virus. These include the suspension of schools, sporting events and other things.

Italy now has the most fatalities outside of China and is home to the biggest outbreak of the virus in Europe.