Itelbpo making big moves in outsourcing game

Itelbpo founding chairman and CEO Yoni Epstein and inspirational coach Marsha-Ann Brown at the company’s itelFest of the weekend.

Itelbpo is expected to employ 300 additional workers at its Freeport Mobay campus in St James by year-end when the long-standing expansion work is completed.

“We started our expansion program back in 2017 developing our own campus, because, as BP0 is growing in Jamaica, it’s become more and more competitive, more so on the front of your employees than plans. Through that competition, we develop a campus. We want to be the only BPO in our space,” itelbpo founding chairman Yoni Epstein told BUZZ.

“So we are just about to finish 96,000 square feet of call centre space. The last building is under construction now. And that’ll be finished by the end of this year, ” he added.

The campus will be able to accommodate over employees when completed. The Mobay office already has about 1700 employees.

Meanwhile, in Kingston, where the company is experiencing its greatest growth, itelbpo recently acquired, via rent 20000 square feet of space in New Kingston. Epstein said this will bring the Kingston staff complement to 800, up from 400.

Comedians Ity (right) and Fancy Cat performing at the itelFest on the weekend.

“And we have another commitment for 50,000 Square feet by June 2020 that will be in the New Kingston proper area so we will give almost 200, 000 Square feet of space and close to 3000 employees,” he added.