Itelbpo stages inaugural itelFest

Itelbpo Chairman Yoni Epstein and Miss Kitty during itelFest on Saturday, Sept 12.

The Courtleigh Auditorium in Kingston was the venue for itelbpo’s inaugural itelFest.

Itelbpo is the Caribbean’s largest business process outsourcing company, which has hundreds of staff in Jamaica, The Bahamas, Mexico and the United States.

The corporate event is aimed at enhancing employee engagement, celebrate the dynamic culture of the company, increase staff retention and equip employees with information to enable their personal and professional development.

Participants at itelFest.

“When you are dealing with people you have to create an environment that makes them want to come to work, people work because they have to and because of money but they stay because you have created an environment,” founding chairman and chief executive officer of the Jamaican-based company, Yoni Epstein told BUZZ. “And that is our job as managers, to continue to enhance, develop and continue to grow that environment and that’s one of the reasons why we have put on intelFest today.”

He added: “We have grown tremendously over the last few years and that’s why we want to engage with our team members to ensure that we never lose that culture.”

He said the company’s focus going into 2020 is to ensure that its employees are happy. He said “employee engagement equals customer engagement”.