‘It’s something crazy we’re experiencing’—Di Maria

Angel Di Maria

Paris Saint-Germain attacker Angel Di Maria discussed “the scary and crazy” times people are living through during the coronavirus pandemic.

France has been hit hard by the virus reporting more than 37,500 cases and 2,314 deaths. The Ligue 1 season was suspended on March 13, with PSG sitting 12 points clear atop the table.

Di Maria admitted it was a scary time, with France’s nationwide lockdown extended until mid-April. “It is something crazy that we are experiencing,” he told Telefe on Saturday.

Di Maria added: “We’re trying not to do many things, [staying] at home. For our daughters, we don’t want to get infected. I go to the supermarket a lot. I have a normal life because people are respectful. It was only my wife once, she took off all the clothes at the door before entering the house and went to bathe. You are a little scared of everything. The situation you look at and hear scares you.”