Jake Paul beats Tyron Woodley by split decision. But was it rigged?

Former UFC Champion rocked Jake Paul in the 4th round of his boxing debut, but refused to finish the job.

YouTube sensation turned celebrity boxer Jake Paul, has upset the sports world yet again with his victory over former MMA welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

But there have been arguments by casuals and boxing experts that Woodley in some sense “defeated himself”. Some even believe that Woodley may have been paid off to pull punches, literally.

The two, who have been back and forth at press conferences over the past week, stepped into the ring on Sunday, August 29.

Following the fight, there have been countless clips shared to YouTube showing instances where Tyron “rocked” Jake, sending the YouTube star into the ropes. Safe to say, had there been no ropes, Paul may not have ended this fight on his feet. Even then, Woodley simply refused to rush in and finish his rival.

Fighting experts have complained about Woodley’s inability to tap into his “fighter’s spirit” for years. Following the former champ’s loss to Jake, retired mixed martial artist, Michael Bisping, said as much in an interview on Fight Hub TV.

“I think Jake won,” he said. “Tyron wasn’t busy enough; he let the fight get away from him. Jake just outworked him. He never hurt Tyron. Tyron looked dangerous when he exploded and hit him, but it was too [late], too little,” he added.

Social media (in true social media fashion) has been going off about the controversial fight.

“This was a show, nothing more,” one commenter said. “Tyron could have killed this guy anytime he wanted, but that was not the deal.”

Others were simply disappointed that Tyron refused to follow-up on his punches.

“Why did he completely drop his hands after landing that punch? Follow up with the combo,” they said.