Jakes Hotel at its country’s service during COVID-19 outbreak

With Covid-19 taking a wrecking ball to Jamaica’s tourism industry, Jakes Hotel, located in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth is offering its premises for people who have been infected by the coronavirus.

The 65-room hotel run by Jason Henzell enjoys a reputation as being one of the Caribbean’s finest rustic hotels and subscribes to an environmentally friendly approach to its operations.

Jakes will be available for those who need to be quarantined or go into isolation for a set period of time.

Speaking to BUZZ about this gesture to the Government, Henzell said, “I am happy that we did this as I feel that small hotels can step up and make a difference.”

Jason Henzell

He added, “I think we will be able to keep this going into July and August of this year. It really is a case of national service and we should all be doing it if we can.”

Turning his attention to the recently announced stimulus programme announced by the Minister of Finance Dr Nigel Clarke, Henzell said it demonstrated that the government cares about the plight of Jamaican workers and that it is a time to show love and compassion.

He added: “The minister of finance acted decisively in putting into effect this three-month plan. He focused on compliance and the safety net provided for farmers is most welcomed. Our farmers are needed now more than ever and this coronavirus has shown just how important sustainability is.

“Remittances will take a hit but this will now force us to think globally. I think we will see some return to business activity in summer. People must now remain safe and heed the government’s words about social distancing.”