Jamaica and Nepal partner on global resilience centre

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett has announced that the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre (GTRCMC) will, on January 1, wrap up discussions to set up a satellite centre in Nepal, south Asia.

Bartlett is expected to leave the island on Sunday (Dec 29) for Nepal. The visit will coincide with Nepal’s campaign ‘Return of Nepal’ that marks the recovery from a powerful rainstorm that swept across two districts of southern Nepal, killing at least 28 and injuring more than 1,100 people in 2018.

The Nepal satellite centre will focus on regional issues and will share information in Nano time with the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre.

Most recently, a satellite centre was established in Kenya and the others are slated for Seychelles, South Africa, Nigeria and Morocco to expand its reach within the continent.