Jamaica edges Colombia to claim 2019 Amerigol LATAM ice hockey cup

Champions!! Jamaica’s national ice hockey dethrone Colombia in the grand finals of the 20-2019 Amerigo LATAM Cup in Florida on Sunday (Photo: Douglas Williams)

Without an ice rink, Jamaicans’ indomitable spirit mines gold.

Jamaica’s national men’s ice hockey team celebrates its biggest win yet, beating defending champions Colombia 3-2 in the 2019 Amerigol LATAM Cup on Sunday.

As the team lifted the championship trophy, Jamaicans at home and abroad, including Prime Minister Andrew Holness chimed in to congratulate them on a hard-fought victory.

The grand final, which pitted the Jamaicans against the Colombians at the Panthers IceDen stadium in Coral Springs, Florida, now raises the island’s hopes of participating in the sport at the next Winter Olympics.

The Amerigol Cup tournament included over 400 players and 21 teams in four divisions.

The win is made even more impressive, since the team, having been formed seven years ago, is without an ice rink to train.

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Posted by Mark James on Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hoping to repeat the now-legendary exploits of Jamaica’s bobsled team, the men’s ice hockey outfit hopes that its efforts are worthy of financial support.

The group, made up mostly of players of Jamaican lineage, wants to fully develop a hockey programme – with its ultimate goal to participate at the Winter Olympics level.

With this win and an endorsement from Prime Minister Andrew Holness, the team has been increasing its fan base as it becomes better known in the hockey world.

Congrats, #TEAMJamaica!